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Abstract Writing Services

Create a great first impression by having a compelling abstract. Abstract Writing Services

Researchers spend countless hours ensuring their work has been conducted with great attention to detail and precision, making sure that all methods and new advancements have been explored, and that every minute observation has been captured throughout their experiment.

So when it is time to publish your work, how do you condense your research into a short article that meets the stringent guidelines of the Journal without losing necessary information?

Propublicationhub has launched our Abstract Writing Service to help you. This service will summarize your manuscript in its entirety without losing the important knowledge and impact of your work. Our service will ensure the logical flow of information while making the information easier to read for a variety of audiences. Your abstract will also contain powerful keywords to optimize your search results in databases.

Abstract Writing Services

Key features of our Abstract Writing Service

  • Expertise of PhDs who specialize in top-tier journals
  • Proofreading by native language experts
  • Extensive usage of keywords and search terms
  • Optimized for high ranking in Google search results
  • Your choice of turnaround time: 3, 5 or 7 days
  • 365 days of revision support (limited to 30% of the word count)

Getting started with this service is easy!

We offer you quick turnaround times while writing an abstract to help you reach your goals faster. We have the required domain experience in multiple subjects to deal with your abstract writing requirements.

What we need from you

  1. The most recent version of your manuscript
  2. Supporting figures, tables and charts
  3. Your chosen target Journal

What you receive

  1. A Word documents (.docx) of your abstract
  2. A list of the relevant keywords used

Your Abstract will Include:

On completion of this service, you will receive a short and succinct but powerful abstract that characterizes your research and its importance.

  • Reason and need for the research study
  • Significance of the research
  • Study design
  • Methodology and techniques used
  • Key findings
abstract include

How it works

  • Step01

    You provide the complete manuscript including introduction, methods, results, discussion, and conclusion when you purchase the Abstract writing Service.

  • Step02

    Propublicationhub’s academic expert will review the entire manuscript in detail and then extract the prime observations, established results and legitimate conclusions

  • Step03

    Our expert will then write the abstract ensuring a logical flow of information and that all critical elements of your research are covered within the guidelines.

  • Step04

    Your abstract will then sent to our editorial team for formatting as per the style guide and specifications of your chosen journal.

Abstract Writing Service Pricing

Word Count Delivery Time
  7 Days 5 Days 3 Days
< 5000 $150 $180 $225
5001 - 8000 $180 $225 $275
> 8001 $210 $250 $300

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