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Journal Selection


Maximize your chances of publication by letting Propublicationhub match you with the most appropriate journals for your particular research and requirements. Our team of experts holds extensive experience in peer reviewing and editing for international journals in your field of study. Simply send us your criteria, and we will present you with the top 3-5 journals best suited to your manuscript and preferences. What’s more: By using Propublicationhub's Journal Selection Service, you will get vital feedback for your manuscript, including suggestions on how to improve your paper.

Shortlist Your Journal

Journal Selection Services by Propublicationhub

Our expert reviewer will recommend a list of 3-5 journals based on the following factors:

  1. Scope of study
  2. Target journal type (scope, focus, etc.)
  3. Urgency to publish
  4. Accessibility features (open access, print only, etc.)
  5. Type of article
  6. Significance of article in its field of specialty

Advantages of the Journal Selection Assistant service

Our journal finder gives you access to journal experts with extensive expertise in your specific subject area.
We’ll thoroughly review your manuscript and deliver the top 3-5 journals based on factors of acceptance for said publications.
Propublicationhub will search a large journal database of international journals, including SCI, SSCI, Web of Science, Scopus, etc.
Our expert peer reviewers will provide vital feedback for your manuscript, including:
  • Language of the paper
  • Significance of results
  • Publication readiness in its current state and changes required
  • Manuscript length vis-à-vis the suggested journals
  • Whether all the findings are appropriately stated and backed by substantial evidence
  • Novelty of research

What Do You Get?

Propublicationhub will deliver Journal Selection Report that:

  • Lists 3-5 carefully selected journals with more than 10 parameters for each publication so that you can choose the best journal for publication.
  • Provides specific comments of the journal expert which can help improve the quality of your manuscript and/or expedite publication.

Delivery and Pricing

Upload your manuscript now, and we'll get back to you within 2 business hours.

Turnaround Time Price
4 business days $200

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the impact factor the main standard to be considered while choosing a target journal?

Impact factor is only one of the measures you should take into consideration while selecting a suitable journal. Other factors like journal’s aim and scope match with your research topic, novelty of the study, frequency of publication, journal coverage (indexed in well-known databases like Scopus, SCI, SCIE, SSCI etc.) are also prominent factors while choosing a target journal.

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