Manuscript Formatting and Artwork Editing Services to meet all Journal Requirements

Manuscript Formatting Service and Artwork Editing


Manuscript Formatting and Artwork Editing provides researchers a manuscript fine-tuning service that fixes every flaw in your manuscript. Propublicationhub experts will iron out all the minor defects, format your paper, beautify your images and tables, and allow you to submit to a journal seamlessly!

What’s included?

Manuscript Formatting

Propublicationhub will ensure that your text, figures, tables, & references are all formatted per the “instructions to author” guidelines. To ensure all your manuscript formatting concerns are taken care of, our journal specialists will always align your submission to guidelines, including heading style, font, & line spacing.

Artwork Editing

Propublicationhub’s experienced artwork editors, equipped with the latest software, will check and address all technical aspects of your artwork, including resolution (DPI or PPI), color, image and file size, etc., to ensure adherence to journal requirements.
To find out everything regarding our artwork editing parameters, Click here.


Propublicationhub’s expert editors will minutely examine your manuscript to iron out all the kinks that a novice just wouldn’t catch. This will render your manuscript error-free!

Cover Letter

Our journal experts and editors will be carefully crafting a cover letter that makes your research stand out from the competition. We will assist you in conveying the originality of your research in smooth, flowing prose that clearly displays the significance of your research & findings.

What’s NOT included?

The following aspects are not checked under Manuscript Formatting Service and Artwork Editing. If you need these to be checked, please choose other editing services provided by us.

  • Word Count Reduction
  • Parallelism
  • Structural Review
  • Academic Style
  • Clarity and Readability
  • Flow and Transition
  • Scientific nomenclature etc.
  • Creating new figures

The Propublicationhub Advantage

Our team of journal experts understands journal requirements and ensures that your manuscript is not rejected for proofreading errors and manuscript formatting issues in text, tables, and figures.
Our carefully worded cover letter will ensure that your research stands out from the competition.

What Do You Get?

Formatted manuscript

Edited images and tables

Cover letter

Editor Message file

Artwork Report

Delivery and Pricing

Upload your manuscript now, and we'll get back to you within 2 business hours.

Word Count Turnaround Time Price
0-5000 2 business days $140
5001-8000 4 business days $250
8001-12000 4-10 business days $400
Above 12001 On Request

Frequently Asked Questions

In what format do I have to submit the images for availing Artwork Editing service?

Images provided for Artwork Editing Service should be in an editable format in which the font type and size of the text appearing in the images can be modified according to journal instructions. The images should be of appropriate clarity for processing. We accept images in formats such as Adobe Illustrator (eps. /ai.), TIFF/JPG, PDF, and Microsoft Word/PowerPoint/Excel.

In case you have non-editable images, depending on the complexity of the images, the delivery deadline (TAT) of the final edited images will be extended. This will be informed to you before we begin the work.

How do I go about revising my figures once it has been formatted?

We highly recommend you to submit the final version of your figures for formatting before the service begins. In case you require adjustments to your figures after formatting, you can let us know via email. Then we will work together to make the required modifications.

Thank you for contacting Propublicationhub. We will reply to your question within 24 hours.

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