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Propublicationhub Publication Support offers a tailored editing service to help you with research paper revision, manuscript re-submission, or responding to reviewer comments. The Revised/Rejected Paper Editing service is for you if you are looking forward to meeting any of the below objectives:

Resubmit to the same target journal

...with Responses to Reviewer comments and Substantive Editing.

Submit to a new journal

…after improving your paper based on reviewer comments and Substantive Editing.

Here is how we help you with these situations and help you get published:

Two rounds of Substantive editing

Two rounds of thorough editing by two subject experts to ensure that your revised paper has a logical flow and presentation along with complete language check and extensive revisions.

Addressing reviewer comments

We ensure that reviewer’s comments have been answered to in detail and satisfactorily.

Revisions in line with the comments

Our subject experts will ensure that your manuscript is extensively rewritten to meet the expectations of journal reviewers and address all the issues raised by the reviewers.

Customized cover letter

We’ll help you communicate the novelty of your research in a crisp, clean prose that demonstrates the importance of your findings.

Journal formatting

We make sure that your text and references are all formatted per the "instructions to author" guidelines.

We don’t stop here.
We are with you until you get published.

rejection shield

Rejection Shield, you get unlimited editing of content, cover letter, and responses to reviewers as well as reformatting of the manuscript to ensure publish-ready quality FREE for 365 days.

Our Step-by-Step Approach

send us

Send Us

your original manuscript as submitted to the journal, reviewer comments (if any), a revised manuscript as per reviewer instructions, and a draft of your response to reviewer comments. If you are submitting to a new journal, you can share the new target journal too.

We will Revise

We will Revise

the manuscript, reformat the manuscript, rewrite responses, write a customized cover letter, and provide a report on whether all comments have been attended to - all this, while we Substantively edit your manuscript to meet publishing requirements.

You Review

You Review

and address queries raised by Propublicationhub editors and make further changes if needed.

We Finalize

We Finalize

manuscript, cover letter, response to reviewer, and report. The edited manuscript is of publishable quality and is ready to be submitted to the journal.

What do you get?

  • Revised manuscript ready for re-submission or rapid submission to a new journal
  • Revised/Rejected Paper Editing Report
  • Tailor-made Cover Letter
  • Certificate of Editing (if requested)

Delivery and Pricing

Upload your manuscript now, and we'll get back to you within 2 business hours.

word count round 1 deadline author check deadline round 2 deadline Price
0-3,000 3 business days 2 business days 2 business days $0.13/word
3,001-5,000 4-5 business days 2 business days
5,001-10,000 6-8 business days 3 business days 3 business days
10,001-12,000 9 business days 4 business days 4 business days
above 12,001 on request
Price: $0.13/word

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